Here, you will learn some methods how to teach English simply and effectively.

Do you want your child to learn the basics of the English language easily in order to speak, write and read fluently?

A method of learning English based on the SUPER ENGLISH FORMULA.

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Are you worried that your child:

  • mispronounces the words
  • cannot read the words correctly
  •  does not like English 
  • does not want to go to English classes

Would you like your child to:

  • read the words correctly
  • write in English
  • use the language without stress
  • understand English

Here you will find everything you need to encourage your child to learn English without leaving home:

Online courses and trainings

Discover how to help your child to learn English phonics quickly, so that they can read English texts easily and improve their comprehension skills.

Books, e-books and exercise books

Find out how to play with your child, so that your child becomes confident using the English language.

Online games

Online games are additional tools which help your children to consolidate what they have learnt. Those games also help them with the correct pronunciation.

More books

Eliza Giner- Wajda

I help busy parents and their children to start an interesting adventure with the English language based on the method:


I have always been fascinated by working with children, so I have been looking for new ways of learning English through play and funny activities. This method helps children to learn English quicky, effectively and with joy. 

I lived in the UK for more than 15 years. During that time, I worked in nurseries and a primary school where I could learn the methods used in British education. 

It was in the UK, where for the first time in my life, I saw children who loved attending the school. All this is due to a different approach to primary education.

Combining more than 20 years of teaching experience and methods learned in the UK, I have developed the SUPER ENGLISH FORMULA to help children and parents to learn English at home. 

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Who will benefit from Eliza English Academy?


  • Parents who want their children to learn English while playing and having fun 
  • Primary school children developing a good base of English 
  • People who want to start learning English from the beginning 

Bezpłatne materiały
przygotowane dla Ciebie- email po polsku

Free flashcards for you – email in English

Cartas gratuidas para ti- el correo en español

I have a gift for you – the colourful FLASHCARDS, which help to learn new words while used as a game. 

To receive the email with your flashcards, click on the English version. 

What do parents of students
say about Eliza
and her methods?

Our son’s progress thanks to Eliza has been tremendous. Her methodology through games makes children naturally remember what they have learnt. Eliza is, without a doubt, the best English teacher we have ever had.


 My daughter has English classes and has a lot of fun, learning English through games and she is always happy. What is more important, she has very good results at school and she is great at conversations. Eliza is lovely and always comes up with new ideas !!! Natalie

Eliza teaches children using phonetics in her methodology. The method is super effective. My children went from fear of English to motivation and willingness to learn language, ask questions, and want to watch TV in English.


Eliza has been teaching my daughters for 3 years, I am very satisfied and my daughters are delighted to attend English classes! Eliza is a very good teacher! I recommend her classes.