23 amazing board games that will teach your child new vocabulary words in English


The ebook “23 amazing board games that will teach your child new English vocabulary” is an indispensable tool for learning English for the youngest. It contains 23 print-ready game boards that will not only provide lots of fun and enjoyment, but also help your child master new vocabulary. Each game in this ebook is designed to develop word discrimination and reading skills. They will give your child the opportunity to acquire language knowledge in an interactive and engaging way. Board games are also a great tool for group learning. You can spend time together solving puzzles, which will allow your child to not only develop his language skills, but also build relationships and teamwork skills. Don’t wait any longer! The ebook “23 amazing board games that will teach your child new vocabulary words in English” is ideal for parents who want to help their children learn English in a creative and engaging way. Order now and see how your child will passionately master new vocabulary!

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  • Board games will help your child to master 45 words on various topics: school, toys, animals, farm animals, food.
  • Board games help the child to concentrate, teach patience, help focus.
  • Board games are a great way to train your child with success and failure and learn new words
  • Thanks to the game, your child will learn to read and get to know the correct spelling of the learned words.
  • The perfect tool for your child to learn new words in English!
  • It contains up to 23 amazing board games that will make learning a pleasure.
  • The games are print-ready, which means you can use them at home, school or on the go.
  • They help you master English vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.
  • Each game is designed to develop word comprehension and reading skills.
  • An excellent vocabulary learning support that can be used both independently and in a group.
  • The content of the e-book has been carefully selected to provide maximum educational benefits.
  • This set will allow you and your child to have a nice time learning English.
  • Give your child the best chance for language development today!