CVC Words- easy words


The workbook contains more than 70 pages of various games and exercises with which your child will learn almost 60 simple words in English, learn to read them and become familiar with the graphic notation of words.

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  • This ebook contains simple three-letter words called. CVC means vowel consonant vowel .
  • This ebook is recommended for 5-6 year old children starting out in reading and combining letters into words
  • Children master new vocabulary very quickly
  • The child begins to form new words, read and write in English with ease
  • Tasks are designed to develop your child’s motor skills, perceptiveness
  • Words are arranged in a logical way helping the child to quickly master reading new words
  • In the package you will receive 6 board games memo game cards (searching for pairs), puzzles, matching words to pictures, exercises to learn writing and also exercises to fix the spelling of individual words, coloring according to the pattern.