English from letter to reading-an online course for beginner children


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The course is intended for children who are starting their adventure with the English language. During the course, your child will systematically learn the correct pronunciation of the first 24 sounds and learn many new words and expressions.

The course is designed in such a way that your child will be able to read words in English from the very first lessons.

You, on the other hand, Dear Mom and Dad, will receive a plan in which, step by step, it is described what tasks your child should perform on a given day.

Benefits of the course:

    1. Your child will learn the letters, their notation and the phonetic sound, thanks to which they will build a strong foundation that will lead them to read English words correctly, even without knowing their meaning.
    2. He will learn to read and pronounce correctly, thanks to which he will be able to easily read English books by himself and enrich his vocabulary
    3. Your child will learn a new vocabulary, phrase in English
    4. The child will learn the language based on the methodology used in British schools
    5. For each lesson, you will receive an exercise book that will help your child remember and memorize the material. Each workbook contains about 12 pages of different tasks: writing by dots, coloring the words you learn, combining words and pictures, searching and coloring individual words, searching for a given letter in the text.
    6. Work cards are prepared in such a way that they are associated with fun
    7. Your child will receive knowledge divided into short, friendly lessons
    8. You will get access to 110 online games, while playing which the child repeats the vocabulary and learns the correct pronunciation
    9. You will get 24/7 access to 72 recordings of lessons