Valentine´s Day


“Valentine´s day ” is a booklet for learning dot writing and coloring. The proposal is designed for children aged 5-8 years, thanks to which your child will learn many new words, adjectives , consolidate the names of colors , learn to read and write and also improve motor skills.


The book – a coloring book, will help your child remember and consolidate the vocabulary and spelling of words related to Valentine’s Day

  • This ebook teaches your child words related to Valentine’s Day (heart, roses, hug, kiss, etc.) as well as colors and adjectives
  • The kit includes exercises that teach, consolidate, and have a positive impact on the development of fine motor skills
  • writing with dots helps your child learn to write new words correctly, helps to remember new vocabulary
  • Colouring exercises help to remember the meaning of new words
  • exercises improve motor skills prepare for learning to write
  • your child will practice patience and attention